Club Rules & Procedures

1) All new players MUST read through our website and then talk with the Club Director before coming to the club.

2) All players are expected to respect the game, it's rules, the club rules, the Shaker Hts. School District Rules, the club leaders and all other players. This club should be a fun and safe place to enjoy the game.

3) Players must be at least 16 years old to play in SBC. Some exceptions may be made per the Club Director.

4) All players must sign a liability waiver form, after 7/8/18, and turn it in to a club leader before taking a court. A player only need do this once. Forms are available at the club. The signed form will remain on file as long as the player is active in the club.
5) Always sign in and pay, FOR YOURSELF ONLY, immediately after arriving, before setting up and before playing. Small bills only, NO COINS, exact change is best. A club leader may stop a game, or expel a player, if someone has become habitual at not following this.

6) The first 12 players to sign in and pay, which should include all who helped set up, may take to the courts for warm up and play the first games. The remainder of players must wait until a court clears after a first game is done. Please check when you sign in to see if you are among the first 12.
7) Attire must be athletic, not street clothing. Any who do not follow this will not be allowed to play.
8) It is STRONGLY suggested that eye protection be worn to play this game. A serious eye injury can happen without it. We have had a player permanently lose the vision in 1 eye here, and another needed eye surgery to correct damage.

9) Cell phones brought into the club MUST have their ringers turned off, unless you are a doctor on call or are expecting an emergency call, in which case you should let a club leader know your situation and that you need to have your cell phone ringer on.
10) Playing shoes must be carried into the gym. For safety reasons, shoes must be designed for quick multi-directional movement on a wooden floor. Players not wearing appropriate footwear will NOT be allowed to play.
11) Always help set up and/or put away club equipment for the day, and help a leader when asked. If you leave the gym before closing, ask a leader what you can do to help clean up. Don't just leave.

12) Putting the club's equipment away should be done immediately after the last rally of the session, before starting a post game conversation or removing playing shoes.

13) Players MUST be willing to mix it up and play some games with other players of different abilities.

14) Players must not play with the same group of people repeatedly. After each game, look to change game match ups. Ask the adjacent games what their scores are. If none are going to finish soon, and no one else is available to play, start another partial game, and stop when the other game is done. Exceptions to this may be made per the judgment of a club leader, especially when attendance is large.

15) Forming a group of players by skill level may be done at a club leader's discretion. Players may request such a grouping by a club leader, but the group must be 1/3 of the total attending. Once a group is formed, the players in it may not play outside of it for the rest of the evening, and others may not play in it. Grouping will usually be done after 9pm, so that all skill levels can mix before then. 
16) Doubles play takes priority over singles play. Singles may be played ONLY if court space permits AND if no more than one player is waiting to play.
17) This rule will be strictly enforced. When not playing, be careful NOT to walk across a court with either warm-up or a game in play, or within 4 feet or 1.3 meters of it. Doing so is a grossly negligent act not covered by the waiver. If you do so and contact a player causing him injury, you will be responsible for his medical bills and any lost wages. If his racket is damaged, you owe him a new one, same model or equivalent.  If you are injured, you're on your own. If there is no contact, you will be excused from the club for the night only without refund. If there is contact you will be excused from the club for the night without refund, and suspended from the club for a period to be determined by the club director. For the sake of your club mates and safety for all, please pay attention.

18) Please be careful not to disturb the net when shaking hands or pulling out a bird lodged in it. All 3 nets are connected by 1 line and disturbing 1 net may disturb the adjacent net(s).
19) Please try to help the club leaders, who are volunteers, whenever possible. They deserve your help and cooperation.
20) The club leaders will enforce club rules and badminton rules. However, all players should help each other to follow the rules and not just leave it up to the leaders to be the enforcers.
21) Club leaders have the authority to expel anyone from the club who, in their judgment, exhibits disrespectful or disruptive behavior.
22) Check your email regularly for up to date announcements and cancellations.
23) The club's website is Please refer to the Schedule page on it, which is kept up to date, rather than contact a club leader to ask about play times and dates. Mark the no play dates on your calendar.

24) Save for checking whether the school is closed due to snow. If it is closed so is the club.