About Shaker Badminton

Shaker Badminton Club is one of the oldest clubs in the U.S., first formed in the 1930s. We play in the Woodbury Elementary School main gym which has 3 courts on a wooden floor.

Our players are from all over the world with various skill levels. However, if you are looking for a backyard or casual game, you won’t find it here. Our club is not for everyone. With only 3 courts and 4 hours/week of gym time allotted to us we can accommodate only those who are serious about playing the game well or learning to do so. All players must be open to coaching, work to improve and help others improve.

If you are new to indoor badminton, which is much more intense than the outdoor game, a background in competitive sports is highly desirable. Good hand/eye coordination, foot speed and the ability to pick up new skills quickly is a must. No formal lessons available, but brief instruction may be given during games.

If you are a skilled player, or are willing to work hard to become one, this club would be a good fit for you.

How to Get Started

Before attending you must call Brett Cohen and talk with him about your playing experience and what is expected of players in the club.
Athletic attire is required, and playing shoes (designed for court sports) must be carried into the gym. Players must bring their own rackets. Top grade feather shuttles are supplied by the club at no extra cost. Print the Location & Directions page from this website or you will get lost.

Visitors are always welcome.  If you are a badminton player and are in the Cleveland or Northeast Ohio area, please contact Brett Cohen.
Brett Cohen:
mail to: brettjasoncohen@gmail.com
Home: (216)321-2049